‘peep Peep, Don’t Sleep!’ The Hilarious Indian Road Signs Guaranteed To Keep Drivers Alert | Mail Online

With their rhymes – and at times, confusing – messages, these signs are guaranteed to make the driver pay attention to the road. What’s the hurry? These unique signs are spread across the Himalayas and offer a helpful and funny way to tell motorists to slow down This sign uses word play to caution that gory disasters await those who are willing to take risky routes and rush The hilarious signs are aimed at drink drivers, sleepy travellers and even nagging wives Stop whining! Passengers are also reminded not to distract the driver – and take in the view instead The hilarious information boards – aimed at drink drivers, sleepy travellers and even nagging wives – were pictured by travel writer and photographer Ajay Jain.

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In a classic example of translation being lost, the signs warn that ‘rum is the bomb’ and to ‘drive on horse power, not rum power’. Ajay added: ‘It was only when I realised that there were so many unique ones going around, did the idea of a book begin mlsp mastery to take shape. Ajay now plans to begin work on a follow up book as there are so many inventive signs across the sub-continent Put the liquor away! This sign seeks to use a little rhyming to make sure that drivers know about the perils of having a tipple before setting off on the road Spelling mistake aside, this sign shows how it only takes a little acceleration to destroy a life A book features some of the 400 quirky signs a photographer snapped during a 6,000 mile trip across India Photographer Ajay Jain says he never misses clicking a sign when he sees a particularly humourous one ‘I also wanted to preserve these signs for posterity. These often disappear after a while, when new ones appear.